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Towards Competency

This unit has youngsters and adults who are being trained to become competent and independent.

Towards this their program includes Catering, Masala Making, PaperBag Making, Tie&Dye, Soap Making, Stationery Decorating, Candle Filling, and decoration.


This creative work designed to develop their creativity and at the same time constantly polishes their work skills. This means that there is no monotonous work!

In addition to Vocational skills, they are taught Functional Academics, Daily Living Skills like using the washing machine, microwave, toasters, and sandwich grills, etc.


Survival cooking skills and Self Help Skills are taught to help them develop

self-confidence and become a meaningful member of their family.

 Personality Development, Grooming, Basic Computer Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination, Games, etc. further enrich their lives.

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