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The First Steps


RECEPTION | Ages 3-8


  • This is where the training of the little ones begins.

  • Their day comprises of learning to master skills required for activities of daily living for eg: feeding, toileting, dressing

  • Here, they also learn basic reading writing and number work.

  • Music and stories are used to teach communication: both receptive and expressive. 

  • Learning to understand and follow instructions is an important area of work.


TRANSITION | Ages 8-14


  • Here skills are taught using an interdisciplinary and integrated approach.

  • These skills include language and communication, literacy, concepts, personality development, grooming, hand-eye coordination, self-help skills, and basic work skills.

  • Emphasis is on helping them use their academic skills for functional work.

  • Students are exposed to art, music, exercise, dance, yoga, magazines, and books to develop their social skills.

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